A chair you can’t fall off of

26 Sep 2013

A chair you can't fall off of

Instead of having four legs, this desk chair has a sled base that’s not flat. We took our son to college recently, and found these in the dorm rooms.

The angled base allows the sitter to lean back, but it stops the chair from going too far back. It’s like a two-position rocking chair.Legs are subject to damage when a chair is tipped, but this avoids that problem.

I’ll have to ask how comfortable it is.


Low-tech safety: text on a hospital chair

21 Jun 2013

This is a chair in the pre-op ward of a local hospital. There’s a tray on the side, and it’s stowed away now. It has a nice low-tech safety feature: text.

Hospital chair with low-tech safety feature

The label on the tray says, “NOT FULLY ENGAGED”.

Closeup of hospital chair's tray

To use the tray, you’d lift it up and slide it in. When the label is hidden, the tray is safely installed. If it’s not “engaged” fully (not inserted all the way), the label shows.

I don’t know how well it works in practice, and I can only assume that there was a problem with trays collapsing. It seems like a good simple solution, though.