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Hal Shubin is a the owner of Interaction Design, Inc., a user experience consulting firm in the Boston, Massachusetts (USA) area. He specializes in user experience design and customer research for Web and mobile apps. Customer research includes usability studies and customer visits among other ways of getting important information from your users and customers.

Over many years, Hal has watched hundreds of participants in usability tests of early prototypes, beta releases and live products. It’s fascinating to observe these sessions. And it’s an important reminder that we can’t take anything for granted in designing products.  If you haven’t seen people using your software, you don’t know how they use it.

This blog is a way to share some of what I’ve learned in usability studies and design, plus observations of design in the real world.

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I hope this will be a conversation, so please leave your own comments and observations.

And don’t take any of this for granted. I write about what I’ve seen while running studies on someone else’s product. You’ll want to think about anything that you apply to your own work. Or contact me to help you figure it out.

Hal Shubin
Interaction Design, Inc.
Belmont, MA
617 489 6595


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