Real-time collaboration with a document camera

As noted in another post, I got an IPEVO document camera to use in usability studies. I also used it in a GoToMeeting conference call with a client the other day.

We had been doing some quick prototyping at his office, using the whiteboard. We didn’t have time to get together for the next meeting, but I connected the document camera and used it as the webcam input to GoToMeeting so he could see what I was sketching. I put a printout of the latest Balsamiq mockup under the camera and marked it up as we were talking.

Aside from impressing the client, it was a handy way to work together remotely.

Camera, pencil and paper for collaborative sketching

What tools and tricks do you use for remote collaboration?


3 Responses to Real-time collaboration with a document camera

  1. Al says:

    I have a Wacom Cintiq pen display, and us Adobe Connect to share the screen with clients for interactive sketch sessions. They love it.

  2. Hal Shubin says:

    Do they sketch things, too, or just ooh and ahh at what you draw?

  3. Hal Shubin says:

    I did a recent Design Workshop ( for a client. He was in one city with some team members, and I was in another city with the rest. We each had one of these cameras, and used them to transmit images of the sketches that each group used. It worked out pretty well.

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