A chair you can’t fall off of

A chair you can't fall off of

Instead of having four legs, this desk chair has a sled base that’s not flat. We took our son to college recently, and found these in the dorm rooms.

The angled base allows the sitter to lean back, but it stops the chair from going too far back. It’s like a two-position rocking chair.Legs are subject to damage when a chair is tipped, but this avoids that problem.

I’ll have to ask how comfortable it is.


2 Responses to A chair you can’t fall off of

  1. Mark Nunya says:

    I love these chairs. I had one for a year when I was in the dorm at Osan Air Base in Korea. I had one without arms which I think is better. Not having arms makes it so you can sit in it sideways. The rocker action is just enough movement without being a straight up rocking chair and the sled design makes it easier to slide back than a chair with legs.

  2. Donna says:

    I hate this chair. Does anyone know how to stabilize it so it won’t rock?

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