“Even my grandmother could do this”

Usability studies are great for finding problems in a product under development. But we don’t only learn about bad things. Sometimes we hear positive comments and compliments.

Here are some quotes from previous studies showing how a product met users’ expectations or pleased them in some way.

  • “It’s answering my questions as I think of them.”
  • “I got a level of comfort that it knows what to do.”
  • “Kind of cool. I like this!”
  • “That was great!”
  • “This answers my question… I have options if I choose to go this route.”
  • “That’s a nice feature and it’s really easy to use. It’s really fast”
  • “He likes the summary screen: ‘Nicely laid out’ “
  • “Even my grandmother could do this”
  • “It’s nice to have a personality to differentiate you from others and helps to build a relationship — this is a long term relationship with your customer.”

It’s nice to get compliments like this. What positive things have you heard in usability studies? Do your colleagues (or clients) appreciate the positive remarks, or are they just interested in looking for problems to fix?


2 Responses to “Even my grandmother could do this”

  1. alball says:

    I have noticed that it is valuable to provide positive feedback to a user as they are using a product or UI.

    An example of this is an online survey which may give a message like “thanks for the input, we are 50% complete with only 2 more pages to go”.

    I believe this kind of positive reinforcement can assure the user and generate good will toward the product.

    • Hal Shubin says:

      Good point. Study participants are in a contrived situation — someone else’s office, someone else’s data, someone else’s computer, etc. It is important to make them comfortable.

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